Brandon - Senior Stylist & Salon Manager at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Brandon is our most senior stylist at Lada where he brings his incomparable talent, enthusiasm and energy to our team. In addition to his position as Salon Manager, Brandon is an educator and mentor to our team members. His passions include hand painted customized hair color, continuing education and Harry Styles. He excels with textured hair, long face framing layers as well as short, show stopping hair designs. See a lil bit of his artistry on instagram @apolloforce.

Wende - Owner & Proprietress at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Owner and proprietress, Wende has spent her career as the first point of contact for her salons. Currently, she is the owner of Lada Salon & Spa and strives to make every visitor feel welcome and keep every stylist happy. The relationships she builds within the walls of Lada are lasting, strong and are the structure of what Lada represents.

Jeanne - Massage Therapist & Educator at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Jeanne Price wears many hats in the spa. As an accomplished massage therapist, esthetician and educator she is eager to learn the Aveda Way. Her passion for “healthy” beauty is limitless. She not only loves to learn but she loves to teach her clients how to take care of themselves between visits.

David - Master Stylist & Color Educator at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

David began his career in 1997 in Santa Fe, NM. A master stylist, David excels at precision cuts and has served as an Aveda color educator. Masterful with color creation or correction he passes along his vast knowledge to our upcoming Aveda stylists.

Jim - Extensive Style & Grace at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Jim Grimes started it all in Lawrence. As the first Aveda salon downtown many might recall the old days of Headmasters Salon that was to become the nexus of many of the hair studios currently in town. Jim has extensive experience, style and a peerless grace. He enjoys yoga, meditation and jumping out of perfectly good planes in flight. Ayurveda concepts brought Jim and Aveda together and they are still going strong! Come in and glean a bit of zen from Jim!

Ashley - True Artist at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Ashley Morgan has been in the industry for 20 years, starting her career at the infamous Headmasters Salon under the instruction of the Salon’s owner, Jim Grimes. Ashley is a true artist, from precision cutting to masterful color applications. Her current favorite trend is a finely woven, natural looking highlight but she also excels at mermaid hair. Come in and experience Ashley for a truly transformative experience!

Caitlin - Stylist & Nail Artist at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Caitlin P is our newest stylist and nail person. Eager to learn the ropes and doing a heck of a job jumping into the work. She can paint a perfect nail! 

Cait - Balayage Stylist at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Cait has an endless knowledge on many hair styles and color techniques. From braids to balayage and up-do’s to wedding-do’s! She does not disappoint and is a pleasure to work with. We can guarantee she’ll provide new insights into your hair care and styling habits. We know you’ll love her.

Maya - Aveda Salon Guide at Lada Salon & Spa in Lawrence

Maya is often here to answer calls and guide you through our vast array of services. If you have a question, chances are, she can answer it for you.